The Branding Bouquet of A Floral Company Office Space – A Blooming Elegance!

Royal Flora Holland is the leading international cooperative and marketplace for floriculture. They create opportunities for sustainable growth and success in the global floriculture market.


The brand aimed to mix tradition and modernity, blending elegance with approachability, while showcasing their love for flowers in a distinctive and memorable way. They needed a makeover that would resonate with customers, convey their company values, mission, and culture.


In collaboration with the Royal Flora Holland design team, we crafted a brand concept inspired by the intricate floral patterns and chose a color palette that evoked feelings of joy and freshness.Through careful selection of durable materials and curation of  wallpapers, signs, and photo prints, we cultivated a fresh and inviting atmosphere that celebrated the beauty of floriculture.


 The transformation was nothing short of remarkable. The office environments evolved into immersive experiences that reflect the ethos of sustainable growth, success, and the passionate spirit of Royal Flora Holland. Leaving a lasting impression on employees and visitors alike.

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