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out door illuminated signs

Light box Signs are a uniquely effective way to brand and draw attention to your business 24/7.

Get seen from high traffic areas by using a light box for exterior fascia or pylons. Inside they can highlight your brand above counters, in reception areas and shopfronts, giving your brand a sleek, professional look. We generally fabricate our light boxes out of acrylic or aluminium. The faces of our light boxes are digitally printed on opal acrylic or flex face front. They may be either single-sided or double-sided. We also offer different lighting options for your light box.

Digitally printed translucent graphics illuminated and with opal acrylic light boxes are an extremely flexible format that is custom built to your specifications.


Brand warehouse  can supply light boxes in all formats, from slim line edge lit for retail display to double-sided under awning light boxes, wall-mounted light boxes, and flex face illuminated billboards. Not only can we design and build your light box or illuminated sign, we can install and connect as well, using fully licensed electricians.


Your Brand warehouse specialist can advise you on all elements of design as well as correct placement in line with council regulations and being seen day and night. We’ll guide you through decisions as to whether your bright branding will be cantilevered off the side of a building or dropped down from an overhead awning. We’ll then arrange installation with fully licensed electricians.

Select From:

  1. Single or Double Sided

Graphics on one or both sides, depending on placement of sign.

  1. LED or Neon

While neon signs still have their place, more often than not in today’s signage world, neon has been replaced by LED. LED signs have a number of natural advantages over neon signage: reliability, adaptability, changeability, cost savings, and brightness.

  1. Aluminum or Acrylic

Most are a combination of both, but can be solely aluminum or acrylic.


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